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Mission Impossible Tips & Tricks

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Mission Impossible

Part One:
You´ve always wanted to be a secret agent, right?  Right! Well, now you have
the chance...and there isn´t much time left, so it´s best to get started.
Play the tape recorder, and listen carefully. Then get the recorder, and go
west and south to the grey room. Sit in the chair, then push the red button
first and the white one next.  Now, get up and look. There´s a picture of
you here. Pick it up;  it´s important!

Now comes the hardest part of the game.  You have to kill a little time
until the saboteur croaks, then look in various rooms until you find him.
There´s nothing you can do about that, so for a while you´re just going to
be on your own.  Think of it as a good opportunity to practice map-making

Once you´ve found the dead saboteur, frisk him <"Frisk Saboteur">.  Get his
picture, then get him .  Now, make your way to the white door.  There´s no way I can
give you directions for this, since there´s no telling where you found the
saboteur .  When you get there,
"Show Picture."  The program will always assume you´re showing the right
one, if you have it.  The door will open and you will be inside.  Now, drop
the saboteur , and break the window with the tape

Part Two:
The TV camera will come on and scan the room.  "Show Picture" again...this
time, it´s the picture of the saboteur.  The camera will scan the picture,
then the saboteur, and turn itself off.  Now you can go out the window and
pick up the yellow key on the window ledge. Go back inside, and drop the two
pictures you´re carrying, since you won´t need them anymore. Push the white
button and the door will open, allowing you to leave.  Now, go South, down,
and South again to the grey room.

Sit in the chair and unlock the yellow button.  Press the yellow button
first, then the white one.  Stand up and get the picture, then head North,
down, and North to the maintenance room.  Get the mop and shake it. Drop the
mop and get the key. Also pick up the wirecutters. Now, head back East to
the corridor and push the yellow button.  Drop the picture, then go South,
up, and South to the grey room again.

Part Three:
Sit in the chair and unlock the blue button.  In this order: blue, red,
white, press each button and get out of the chair. Drop the key, get the
picture, and go North.  Then turn West and pick up the pail.  Now, go East,
North, and North to the blue door, and show the picture. Once inside, drop
the key and go West to the store room.  Get the radiation suit and wear it,
then fill the pail with water. Return East and open the control room door.
It won´t be easy, but you can do it!  After that, go East into the break
room and leave the pail there.

Now, go West into the control room, then down to where the bomb is.  Cut the
wires and get the bomb.  Then, go up and East to the break room.  Get the
pail, then pour water.  WHEW!!! The bomb is deactivated!  You have
successfully completed your mission!!  
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