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Might and Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven Tips & Tricks

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Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven


From                To               Days
New Sorpigal        Mist                Tue/Thur/Sat
Ironfist            New Sorpigal        Tue/Thur/Sat
Ironfist            Mist                Mon/Wed/Fri
Ironfist            Bootleg Bay         Tue/Fri
Ironfist            New Sorp Volcano    Sun
Ironfist            Dragonsand Volcano  Sun
Ironfist            Hermit's Isle       Every day
Misty Island        Ironfist            M/W/F
Misty Island        Silver Cove         Mon/Thur
Misty Island        Bootleg Bay         Tue/Thur/Sat
Silver Cove         Mist                Mon/Thur/Sat
Silver Cove         Free Haven          Tue/Fri
Silver Cove         Eel Infested Wat.   Wed.
Free Haven          Misty Island        Mon/Thur
Free Haven          Silver Cove         Tue/Fri
Free Haven          Ironfist            Wed.
Eel Infested        S. Island           Thur
Eel Inf. (S Is.)    Alamos              Sat.
Eel Infested        Silver Cove         Mon
Bootleg Bay (E.)    Bootleg West        Mon/Wed
Bootleg West        Ironfist            Tue/Thur


From                To                  Days
New Sorpigal        Ironfist            Mon/Wed/Fri
Castle Ironfist     New Sorpigal        Mon/Wed/Fri
Castle Ironfist     Free Haven          Sat/Tues
Castle Ironfist     Arena               Sun
Free Haven East     Blackshire          Mon/Thur
Free Haven East     Kriegspire          Tue/Fri
Free Haven East     White Cap           Wed/Sat
Free Haven West     Silver Cove         Mon/Thur
Free Haven West     Ironfist            Tue/Fri
Free Haven West     Darkmoor            Wed/Sat
Darkmoor            Free Haven          Mon/Fri
Silver Cove         Free Haven          Mon/Fri
White Cap           Free Haven          Mon/Thur
Kriegspire          Free Haven          Wed/Sat
Blackshire          Free Haven          Tue/Fri
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