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Meet In Ver 0 Tips & Tricks

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Meet In Ver 0

In the first box, I'm going to label this one dad. The second box (top right) 
is going to be mom. The bottom left is baby and the bottom right is kid.

Move the baby onto the blue button. Mom is now free to move down into the 
hedge maze. Move her onto the button at the bottom of the maze.

Switch to dad and move him onto the moving platform that mom just engaged (just 
head south in the hedge maze). Move the baby onto the other button on it's screen
to move dad to the other side.

Move dad to the right and sit on the bottom of the two buttons to change the 
stone maze the kid is in. Keep switching the stone maze back and forth and 
moving the kid around until he is free and in the upper left corner. Move the 
kid up until he steps on the orange button to remove the orange square for dad
to pass through.

Dad can step on the green button to remove the green obstruction from the kids 
way. Have the kid step on the purple button to remove the purple block from 
the baby's way.

Dad, kid and baby can now enter the room with MEET on the floor. Place each of 
them on their respective color to allow mom to enter as well. Switch to mom 
and bring her in and put her on the final T. You Win!
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