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Masquerade Tips & Tricks

Tags: Masquerade Game Guides, Masquerade Hints, Masquerade Walkthrough


Part One 
When you start out, you are in a hotel room with a body. First "Search 
Body". You will find a wallet, so "Get Wallet" and "Search Body" again. You 
will now find a telegram. "Read Telegram", then "Move Body". You will find a 
key which you can now use to open the briefcase, so "Open Case". You will 
see a box and a mask. "Drop key", "Drop gun" "Get Box", "Get Mask", "Wear 
Mask", then go "S", "S". You are in the waiting room, so type "Wait", then 
go "N","E" and you are in the phone booth. Now type "Wait" about 6 times or 
so until it says that there is a phone ringing nearby. Then "Answer Phone". 
When the voice asks for the word type "Zorch" and write down the the word he 
gives you in return. Then "Wait", "Wait". It will then say there is a bomb 
squealing and you "Push Button". 

You are now in the basement of the hotel. Go "E","S","Get Book","N","E", 
"N","Get Bra","S","W","S","W","S","S", "W", then "Move Block", "Use 
Corkscrew", and "U". 

You are now in the rubble of the hotel. So go "W","S","S","Open Wallet", 
"Get Dollar", "Drop wallet" then go "S","E". You are now at the zoo so "Give 
Dollar" and go "E". 

Part Two 
You are now in the zoo. Go "S" and say the word you wrote down previously 
that the man on the phone gave you. Just type the word. The man will give 
you a flower and a note. So "Wear Flower", "Read Note". Then go "W", "Give 
Book" to the blind man. He will give you a dollar in return. Now "Get 
Dollar" and go "E". Then "Buy Popcorn", "Search Popcorn". You have now found 
a badge, so "Wear Badge" then go "W", "S" and you are in front of the 
office. "Go Office" and "Pull Switch". You have now turned the electricity 
off of the fence. Now go "E","N","E","E", "Drop Bra", then go "W","N","N". 
You are now over the fence. So "Search Weeds" and you find a glove. "Wear 
Glove" and go "S","S","W","S", "E", and "Get Rock". "Drop Rock", "Get 
Ticket" and continue "W","N","E","N", "W","W","N", "Get Card" and "W". 

You are now in the movie theatre so go "N", "Drop Card" then go "S","S", 
and "Drop Watch", "Get Razor" then go "N", and "Wear Helmet". Now go "E" and 
you are back on the street. Now "Drop Ticket" and go "S", "E" and you are 
back at the zoo. Go "E" (the badge keeps you from having to pay again). 

Part Three 
You are now back in the zoo so go "N", "E","N","Get Hammer" then go 
"S","W", and "Smash Grate", "Drop Hammer", "Drop Box". (You drop the box 
here because you need the rat to steal it.) Go "E", "N", "Get Dynamite" and 
then go "S","W","S","S","E", then "Drop Dynamite" and go "W","N","N","D". 

You are back in the basement of the hotel. Go "E","N","W","W", and you are 
back at the block. So "Carve Block", "Get Toothpick", "Drop Razor" and "U". 

Back in the rubble, go "W","S","S", "Drop Helmet", then "S", and "E". You 
are at the zoo again so go "E" then "S", "Get Popcorn", then go "E", "S", 
and "Feed Bird". Then "Get Bird" and go "W". Now "Get Rock", "Get Snake", go 
"E","N", and "Drop Toothpick". "Get Bra", "Load Bra", and "Sling Rock". Now 
"Get Toothpick" and "Pick Lock". "Drop Toothpick", "Get Dynamite", "Go 
Cage", "Drop Dynamite", "Drop Bird". The bird will fly away and then bring 
back a match. Now "Light Dynamite". It will blow a hole in the floor, so go 

You are now in a long tunnel. Go "N", "N". You have now found the pack rat 
which stole your box. So "Drop Snake" and the snake scares the rat off. So 
now you can "Get Box" and "Wear Earring". Now go "N", then "Go Doors", "Push 
Button". Now go "E","Drop Box", "N","N","W", "W","W" and "U". 

Back in the rubble of the hotel again, go "W","S","S", then "Wear Bra", 
"Get Helmet", "Wear Helmet", "Get Ticket" and go "W". 

You are now in the theatre so "Drop Ticket" and go "S", "Wear Watch" and 
continue "N", "N". Then "Insert Card", and "Go Door". Congratulations! You 
have now finished Masquerade.
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