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Lethal Weapon Tips & Tricks

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Lethal Weapon

Submitted by: DJ Simo 

There is no need to install this game from disk. All
you need to do is run the install program and it'll install it. It can
install the game into the directory you unzipped it. Copy all disks AND copy
it to your hard disk.

Now to load the game you type LETHAL.EXE. However there
are some hotkeys you can use to activate and de-active options.

(Ie.)  LETHAL -J
Would turn off the Joystick Option OFF..Here's a list of others:

LETHAL -J   Turns Joystick OFF
LETHAL -A   Turns Adlib OFF
LETHAL +A   Forces Adlib ON
LETHAL -R   Turns Roland OFF
LETHAL +R   Forces Roland ON

While watching the awesome graphical intro you can hit the:

'J'        To Caliaberate The Joystick
'M'        To Toggle The Graphics And Sound

The Keys to play this game are as follows:

Up        - Jumps / Scrolls Options / Opens Doors

Down      - Ducks (In this position you cannot shoot your gun) / Scrolls
Right     - Moves Character Right

Left      - Moves Character Left

P         - Pawz Game

ESC       - Game Over

SPACE BAR - Fires Gun / Confirms selected options

The sound in this game is great.  Music is constantly playing
with sweet sounds of gunfire and bombs blasting in the background.  This
is finally a quality release,  and maybe this is a light,  that our
'software ression' may be over!  Lethal Weapons' graphics are suprb,
although in some cases animation may slow down once in a while,  but it
would depend on which type of computer you own.  The intro of this game
is short and to the point, and the graphics the intro are unbelievable,
but that may only by my good taste coming out :)

You start the game off in a office type scene,  with 6 doors
on two floors,  with an elevator.  The doors are labeled:

Computer Room     -  Access Your Codes
Locker Room       -  Choose either Danny Glover or Mel Gibson.(No Diff.)
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4 (Locked Door)

Go into each room and look in it.  If it is a Mission Room
answer 'No' when it asks you whether or not you'd like to accept the
mission.  Once your been in every room,  go back to the Computer Room.
Find out your code.  Here's a Code to Start you off:


And here is a list of each of the Missions,  and what you must
do to complete each mission:

Mission 1  (Open)

A gang of International criminals are attempting
to smuggle the vust profits from their racketering
activites out of the country.

Infiltrate their dockside den and prevent the money
from leaving the city.

Mission 2  (Open)

A suicidal group of fanatical terrorists are planning
to hold the city to ransom by planting a huge bomb in
the underground system.  They have gained access to
the city sewers.  Follow them and save the city.

Mission 3  (Open)

Deep in the depths of an old factory, we believe a
hostage is been held against his own will.

You must gain access and rescue the hostage.  We
believe it may be Leo Getz, our best informant.

Mission 4  (Classified)

Unable to release current information at this time!


My hints to you are:

Don't go for a small item that may endanger you health.

Stay clear of the shark in Mission 1.

Don't go for anything in the water (Mission 1) unless your sure
you can beat the shark to it!

DON'T Rush.  This will only bring you harm.  There is no time limit
in this game.  Save your precious energy,  by not rushing.  You have
all the time in the world.  (Unless you blow your computer,  whatever
comes first :)

Save your ammo.  Try and use it as little as nessacary

Helpful Information:

Don't Be afraid to try something new,  that's why they use the
password system.  If you die,  you use your password to bring
you back to the place you left off.

You cannot be shot while your in the ducking position.

1 - 2 Shots from your gun will kill a knifeman.

5  Shots from your gun will kill a blowtorch man.

Becarful not to go in circles while running around levels.

Go in every door that is open.


Magnifing Glass         -  Adds Points to your score.
Gun                     -  Adds Points to your score.
Ammo                    -  Grey/Flashy.  Adds 1 Round of Ammo.
Small Heart             -  Fills Up Your Current Energy Tank.
Big Heart               -  Adds 1 FULL Energy Tank.
Barrels                 -  Beware.  These Mayb Blow Up at any Time!

Once you've picked which Mission you want to play
1, 2, or 3,  you will start off with 10 rounds of ammo,  and
3 big, full hearts of energy.  Each heart represents a man.
Once you lose all the enery in your energy bar,  you die.  And
you'll have 2 hearts left, and so on.  Until you have no hearts
which then you are on your last energy bar,  and once that is
gone I'm afraid your dead!

Mission 1              ASCUOL
Mission 2              MEPBPF
Mission 3              TOUOYB
Mission 4              IFYSEE

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