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Laser Squad Tips & Tricks

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Laser Squad

In laser squad, for fun do the assassins on level 1. Buy no armour, give the 
corporal an m4000 with two reloads, the next two rocket launchers with four 
rockets each, and the last two nothing at all. Deploy in the entrance, in the 
gap in the outer wall, and take the house to pieces with the rockets, waiting 
for droids or Regix to show up - get them with Jonlan's M4000. I managed to do 
the scenario with one shot - it went between the leaves of the door, blew up 
against a wall and Regix was on the other side, end of story, fade to black. 

The price of weapons on each level doesn't vary, so you can calculate how many 
credits to spend on armour so that enough weapon-buying money remains. Don't 
go on a spending spee if you have money left. 

Carry too much and you reduce the action points available. 
Take your time, you always have plenty of turns. 
Explore the area carefully and always leave you men on autofire. 
Use a couple of guys to guard the rear of your squad. 

On higher levels always scavenge the dead operatives for weapons. They almost 
always seem to be carrying valuable ammunition. 

Heavy Laser - Powerful, with lots of ammo, but heavy and burdens your man 
reducing action points. 

Marsec Autogun - The best all-round weapon. 

M4000 Autogun - The best budget gun, but for its price you are forfeiting the 
accuracy of the Marsec. 

L50 Las-Gun - Unfortunately, not very powerful or accurate. 
Sniper Rifle - Lacks autofire but it is cheap, powerful and accurate. 

Marsec Pistol - Autofire? yes. Power? no. 
Dagger - Very good for close combat, if you can get your hands on it. 

AP50 Grenade - Just the thing for blowing up operatives who are waiting on 
autofire just around the corner. Get out of range before it blows, but on the 
other hand don't forget to prime it before you throw it. 

Rocket Launcher - This is a luxury for the early levels. Its power is awesome 
but it lacks ammunition and also has the nasty habit of blowing up the user if 
he is too near the target. 

On the first level you can equip your men with rocket launchers and blow up 
the house (and Sterner Regnix!) without even entering the building. 

On later levels, progress is best achieved by splitting your squad to cover 
both ends, and exploring very carefully. 

Before you use the explosives, which are needed to blow up the prison door, 
move the prisoner away from the door otherwise he will be caught in the blast. 
When blowing the door always remember to prime the explosive before dropping 
it, but ensure that you leave yourself enough time to get clear of the 

Try to get the video key as this will allow you to ambush the enemy.
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