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Jack and the Beanstalk Tips & Tricks

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Jack and the Beanstalk

-get the bottle from the first screen.
-get the banana from the 2nd screen.
-get the grass from the 3rd screen.
-click on the hole at the tree and get the fairy.
-click on the on the cloud with the bottle at the 4th screen
-get the rope between the grasses.
-go to 1st screen and click the rope on the cow.
-go to 3rd screen and click on the sun.
-go to first screen and put the grass on the yellow point.
-click on the cow+boy
-take back the grass and put it on the 2nd screen this time.
-turn back and click on the cow again to follow the grass.
-the cow will drop something called excrement.
-get the excrement and click it to the girl at the 2nd screen.
-click the excrement to the wheelbarrow.
-get the black belt under the stone.
-click the black belt to the bear and get the knife
-cut the apple on the plate with the knife and get the key.
-cut the cross rope of the monkey with the knife.
-put the banana on the plate and the boy will jump to the other side.
-click on the key first then the fairy to repair the key.
-click the key to the house and get the stamp.
-click on the boy
-click the stamp on the sun.
-click on the cloud.
-click on the sun again.
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