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Grape Room Escape Tips & Tricks

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Grape Room Escape

-Go right. Look under couch..
-get sunglasses. Go back
-Look beside red cushion. Get key. Go back.
-Look to the right of the couch between the lamp and couch on floor.
 Notice the candle holder. Go back.
-Look at the bottom of the fan. Notice code input and also small 
 symbol. Its too small to read. Go back.
-Look at fan blades. Notice the tiny needle at the top left. 
 Take it. Go back.
-Go right.
-Look at clock. Notice the that 12 has been replaced by a 0. 
 Go back.
-Click on left side of the cabinet near the top. Notice the small 
 whole on top right. Use your needle to unlock the draw. Go back
-Open top draw. Take candle. Open bottom draw. Look at the underside
 of the shelf. Take the paper.
-Look at the bin. It moves.....its nothing...ignore it!
-Go right again.
-(desk scene) Look at the small shelf just above the chair. 
 Take the green star thing. Go back
-Open the locked box with the key. Take the box of matches.
-Open book on top shelf. Its blank. Use your fancy red sunnies to 
 read the page. Notice CAFE=circle, up-triangle, down-triangle, 
 square. Go back.
-Go left. Use your green star to open box ontop of cabinet. Take 
 the magnifying glass.
-Go left again. Go back to bottom of fan. Use the magnifying glass 
 to read the tiny print. Notice that its a clock with the word NEWS 
 in it. Think like a compass. North, East, West, South. Think back 
 the clock. 0396 is the code.
-Take the coin.
-Go back.
-return to the candle stick holder. Place the candle and light it 
 with the matches. Hold your paper to it to make symbols appear.
-Using code from book and the totally obvious face on the door to 
 see that the code to the door is FACE. Exit for perfect end.
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