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GemCraft Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

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GemCraft Walkthrough

Tip and Tricks:
Combining two gems of the same level makes a gem of the next level. Each gem color 
has a different special ability with it. If you combine two different color gems, 
they get penalties to their effects but they do both special abilities. Fill up all
of the towers and create extra ones. You can move gems at any time in and out of 
towers, but they take some time to activate at any new location before they start

Generate gems before you decide to use them. Always try to combine them with gems
of the same level for maximum effect. After you generate a gem decide which gem 
to combine it with based on its color. Bring that gem out of the tower, combine 
it, and put it back in quickly. If you drag one gem to another tower with a gem, 
both gems will switch places.

For maximum points on each level, be sure to click on the waves on the left to 
make them come early. The earlier you make them come the more points and mana you
get. Send them as quickly as you can handle. If you have extra mana, upgrade your
mana regeneration, since this gives you more points also.

Each color of gem has a different special ability that it gets. Each level has a 
limited number of gems available. Strategically decide which to combine for maximum 

Red Gems: Splash Damage
Orange Gems: Steal Mana
Purple Gems: Reduce Armor
Green Gems: Poison
Yellow Gems: Triple Damage
Lt. Green Gems: Chain Hit
Blue Gems: Slow
Lt. BLue Gems: Shock

If you canít beat a level to Glowing Frame, move on to the next level and come back.
As you go up in levels and gain more powers, you will be able to come back and defeat
them. The key to earning the most points is sending many waves at once. Once you get 
the free gem skills and extra mana to start skills up to max, youíll start with lots 
of gems. Combine them, build some extra towers, and huddle them around the beginning 
of the path. Put some water pits in to slow down the creeps. Then send the first 6-8 
levels in. Keep sending them 2-3 at a time.

Be wary of the fast monsters. They can run by all of your gem towers while theyíre 
busy with the slower monsters. Itís good to have the whole board clear when you send
them, or to have a second set of gem towers later in the level that can knock out the
ones that get by.

Here are some advices on specific levels.

8 waves: 790,000 to Glowing Frame (Splash, Steal Mana, Reduce Armor)
More mana means more points, so Steal Mana is a great choice as is Splash. Reduce Armor 
doesnít do much good if you only hit once. Combining Steal Mana and Splash isnít bad 

12 waves: 1.15 Million to Glowing Frame (Poison, Triple Damage, Chain Hit)
Put a Chain Hit in the right tower, green on the top, and yellow to the left. 
Try to keep them pure.

15 waves: 1.3 Million to Glowing Frame (Slow, Chain Hit, Shock)
Get a pure chain hit, and two other towers. Flood them in 6 waves at a time.

18 waves: 1.6 Million to Glowing Frame (Steal Mana, Reduce Armor)
Steal Mana all the way and go for a highest score. Flood them in 6 waves at a time.

20 waves: 2.02 Million to Glowing Frame (Triple Damage, Splash, Slow, Steal Mana)
Build lots of towers and put gems right at the beginning to cover the whole first turn.
Flood them in 6 waves at a time.

24 waves: (Poison, Splash, Steal Mana)
Splash Damage and Steal Mana are really awesome in combination.

26 waves: 2.65 Million to Glowing Frame (Triple Damage, Chain Hit, Reduce Armor)
Chain Hit is useful on its own if you can grow a good sized gem.

28 waves: 2.82 Million to Glowing Frame (Triple Damage, Splash, Slow, Steal Mana, 

32 waves: 4.03 Million to Glowing Frame (Splash, Slow)
Slow and Splash are natural allies. Try to keep the gems separate. Itís easy with only 
two of them. Build towers all around the entrance and kill them all quickly.

32 waves [EPIC]: 4 Million to Glowing Frame (All 8 Colors)

40 waves [HIDDEN]: 4.8 Million to Glowing Frame (Poison)
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