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Fry 1 Tips & Tricks

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Fry 1

Pirates Guild  Get matches from table in pirates guild, then go right 
and talk to hookhand. Hookhand tells you about his puzzle and gives you
a hardboiled egg. Interact with the bottle on the box. Use the matches 
with the bottle and then use the hardboiled egg. This will take you to 
the Pirate ship...  Pirate Ship  Grab the book. Use the book on the door
to open it. Go through the door. In the cannon room, grab the hammer and
goe back to the room you broke out of. Now use the hammer on the safe 
and get the cannonload. Go and open the cannon and load the cannonload 
into it and shut the hatch. Now go up the stairs and then goe left and 
enter the cockpit. Grab the dashlighter from the dashboard and go back 
to the cannon and fire the cannon.  Getting started on Volcano Island  
After leaving the ship, grab the dead natives spear and walk to the 
left.  At the crossroads go right and talk to the guy here and grab the 
toothpaste. Go back to the crossroads, grab the bamboo and go up till 
you reach the next crossroad and go left.  The Crazy Guys Compound  Go 
talk or interact with the door of this house. the use the toothpaste 
with the port on his watertank. Go inside his house and use the bamboo 
on the pandabear and grab the boots. Go through the door behind the 
panda and grab the power supply orb. Then leave the compound and go 
back to the crossroad and go right.  The Old Crazy Guy And His Pet Lizard
Talk to the old man and make sure to grab his axe. Get the monster and 
use the monster with the three crystals that are scattered about the 
island. One crystal is located at the compound, another is on the way to
the crystal peddler to the right of the first crossroad, and the other 
is probably on the way to the the shipwreck. Then go up from the 
crossroad to the muddy hill and use the boots.  The Monster Battle
Now talk to the dude in the mask and use your bigass monster to defeat 
his monster and enter the village.  The Evil Bowling Ballheaded Guys 
Village  Now use you're spear that you got from the dead native on the 
native here. then go right. At the altar here place the power supply 
orb in the indention and use the stairs. Use the axe on the dead tree 
and you've won the game.
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