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First Room Tips & Tricks

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First Room

1. Take a look at the right of the bookcabinet and take blue book, read 
   it and you can highlight some text on the last left and right pages.
2. Go right and take battery behind box.
3. Go right and take a look at the clock, turn it and put battery in. 
   Note 6.
4. In the garbage can, discover number 7 and take screwdriver.
5. On table take cola can.
6. Go right and with colacan take poster away, and see (select highlight) 
   number 3.With screwdriver remove panel to see 5.
7. Go to box and put in number 6372, get key. (2 comes from book)
8. Click with screwdriver on the number 5 and take up colorball.
9. Use key on door to finish with TRUE END
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