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Escape of Green Door Tips & Tricks

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Escape of Green Door

1. Go forward, left, and left again. Get the stick.
2. Go back to the start and go left twice.
3. Click between the bars and use the stick to get the knife.
4. Use the knife to cut the rope.
5. Go back and right and get the heavy stone.
6. Go back twice and then right. Use the knife on the panel to the 
   right and get the hammer. Note the unblossomed flower.
7. Go back to the starting room and go forward, then take the right 
   side path.
8. Click the green, mossy area and use the knife. Read the notation. 
   Note the door on the right has a circle on it.
9. Now zoom out and go forward then: right, right, left, right, left, 
10. Get the paper (1). Note the locked chest.
11. Go back once and then take the left side path. Get the Holy Grail.
12. Go all the way back to the starting screen, then go forward, left, 
    left, forward.
13. Use the heavy stone on the rope. Use this combo on the chain to keep 
    the door open.
14. Go forward. Now with the paper from the maze, hit the correct bricks 
    with the hammer in the correct order. The upper left is your starting 
    point. For example, the first coordinates tells you to go 2 columns 
    over, and then 7 bricks down. When you complete all 5 coordinates water
    with flow from the wall.
15. Use the holy grail on the water and then go back to the unblossomed 
16. Use the water on it and get the key. Use the knife on the flower.
17. Go back to the skeleton and place the flower on it. Click the purple 
    flame and get the paper (2).
18. Now go back through the maze to the locked chest. Use the key on it to 
    get the bag. Use the knife on it and you have blue sand.
19. Refill the Holy Grail with water and add blue sand.
20. According to the second paper you got, the circle statue should receive 
    the blue water.
21. From the water scene, go back three time and then right. Pour the blue 
    water in the hole on the top of the statue. Get the slate (1). You will
    hear the circle door open.
22. Refill the Holy Grail with water.
23. Go back to the starting screen and then forward, right, right, forward, 
24. Click the grey box and complete the red circle puzzle. You must light up 
    all circles on the grid. When you do this, open the box and get the bag. 
    Use the knife on it and get the red sand.
25. Use the red sand with the water in the Holy Grail.
26. Go back and then left. Pour the red water in the hole on top of the triangle
    statue. Get the slate (2). You will hear the triangle door open (just forward
    past where the flower used to be.
27. Refill the Holy Grail with water.
28. Now add both red and blue sand to get purple water.
29. Go back to where the flower used to be and continue forward until you get to
    the square statue. Pour the purple water in the hole on top and get the slate
30. Go back and right to the grey box.
31. Place the slates in the correct spots: 4 dots-upper left, 1 dot-lower middle, 
    6 dots-loewr right.
32. Open the box and get the DORACON Ball.
33. Now go back all the way to the white door (used to be green).
34. Click on the out arrow and you’re out! Perfect End!
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