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Escape from Mr. Ks Room Tips & Tricks

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Escape from Mr. K's Room

-Zoom in on the clock. Note where the little hand and the big hand are pointing.
 Click on the 12/3/6/9 a bunch until they turn into letters, and note where each
 letter is.
-Turn left, Note the red rod-looking things on top of this safe. These correspond 
 with the hands on the clock. Enter the time, get the coin.
-Go left and note the word on the wall. Go left again.
-Open fridge and get bottles.
-Open top drawer and sort objects until pink thing is on top, and then get it.
-Open bottom drawer and get plates, then click (a few times?) near the back so 
 it is removed.
-Get screwdriver.
-Open cupboards and get rope.
-On the windowsill, note "30=7". On right side of cabinets note "240=3".
-'About Item' the pink thing. Click to get chopsticks.
-'About Item' the bottles and take the cap off. Empty them in the sink.
-Turn left, go through the bedroom door.
-Get the tape off the desk.
-Look in right drawer, note the top-left pattern on the box.
-Go into bathroom and turn around.
-Close the door, get the stick. Click top of door and set the flips to the same 
 pattern as on the box.
-Leave bathroom. Inside the drawer, use the position of the letters on the clock 
 to spell the word on the wall by clicking the arrows.
-Click under left drawer, use screwdriver. Open drawer and get odd things. 
 Note "120=1"
-Look under bed, use stick to get cutters.
-Go back to the clock. We have "30=7", "240=3", "120=1". Somewhere there is another 
 code that says "60=6" but I didn't find it. These correspond to degrees in a circle.
 A circle has 360 degrees, and if you divide it by 12 each number on the clock gets 
 30 degrees. The number 1 is 30, so enter 7 there, then do the same for the other 
 codes. Click the "Push" button and zoom out. Get the magnet.
-Enter the bedroom again. Turn on the light-switch.
-About Item the odd things, put the chopsticks through and attach the plates.
-About Item the bottles, cut off the bottoms, tape them together, attach the wheels,
 attach the string to the back and the magnet to the front.
-Send the pigcar down the tunnel, get the key from attached to the magnet. 
-Use the key on the front door.
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