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Eki 3 Tips & Tricks

Tags: Eki 3 Game Guides, Eki 3 Hints, Eki 3 Walkthrough

Eki 3

Note that if you don't get all the items, you get a bad end. If the 
light in the box is red, you get a bad end. If you leave the sliding
door open, you get a bad end. Now for the happy end.

-Go into the side room.
-It is the one with the cardboard box.
-Click around the center until you uncover the red tagged key. 
 If you can't see where to click look for RED.
-Now click on the bottom right. One of the tags has a code on it.
-This is the door code, but don't use it yet.
-Click the gray box on the right.
-Click again to open the panel.
-Click the left button to turn it red.
-Click below to see safe.
-Click on lock to open safe.
-Click on blue tagged key.
-Click back to same box.
-Open panel again.
-Click button again to make light green.
-Go back to main room. Go to the right until you see a sink with 
 a black bar on it.
-Click the black bar to get it.
-Click door on sink.
-Click whistle to get it.
-Go to the right till you see the security monitors .
-Click just to the left of the security monitors.
-You should see a red flag on the floor.
-Click to get it.
-Now go to the door. Not the sliding one, but the one with the code
-Click on the security box.
-Click the buttons to enter the code (931).
-Click the bar below the code to enter it.
-You will see two red letters if you did it right.
-Now click back and click on the door to open it.
-Click on the arrow
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