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Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls Tips & Tricks

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Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls

Tee 1:
-Take the tee sign Take the plastic tee Take the tee markers. 
-Open the golf bag. 
-Take the red flower.

Close-Up golf bag:

-Take the key. 
-Take the other tees. 
-Leave the screen.

-Talk with the Greenkeeper. 
-You can ask him about the following topics:


Leave with "No"

-Wait until the Greenkeeper bends over. 
-Kick his balls with the iron seven in your inventory. 
-Look at the lawnmower.

Lawnmower close-up:
-Take the wire. 
-Take the Cigarettes. 
-Leave the screen.

-Take the reed halm from the lake Take the water lily from the lake.

-Take the blue flowers in front of the club house. 
-Combine all flowers to make a bunch of flowers. 
-Talk with the barkeeper. 

The following topics are possible: 
Words marked with a + are necessary to conclude the game.


Exit the dialogue with "No". Take the sugar sprinkler.

-Take the toilet bug. 
-Open the cupboard. 
-Take the plumbing device. 
-Take the toilet chain.

-Use the parasol. 
-Take the yellow foil. 
-Use the token with the telescope base. 
-Take the telescope.

Driving Range: 
-Look at the ball dispenser. 
-Take a basket. Use the basket on the ball dispenser. 
-Use the token on the coin slot. 
-Take the balls. 
-Take another basket. 
-Leave the ball machine screen. 
-Use the balls with the ball mats.
-Use the iron seven with the balls. 
-Make a perfect swing to confront with woody. 
 (You have to click in the right moment).
-Talk with Bimbo. 

Possible topics: 

-Exit the dialog with "bye" or similar. 
-When woody looks after his golf ball grab a ball from his golf bag.

Lawnmower Close-up:
-use the chain with the knife. 
-Press the button. 
-Take the metal filings. 
-Take the Knife.

Ball Cleaner:
-use the filings with the ball cleaner. 
-Use woodies ball with the ball cleaner. 
-Watch the cut scene. 

-Get another token from the barkeeper. 
-Take some matches from the desk. 
-Push the silver plate with the iron seven.

Parking Lot:
-Use the Key on the trunk of your car. 
-Open trunk. 
-Look at the trunk. 
-Take jewels. 
-Leave the screen. 
-Use the knife on the tire of woodies car. 
-Open the hub of the white car. 
-Look at the battery. 
-use the toke to unscrew the screws. 
-Take the battery.

Near the beehive:
-Use the matches to lit a cigarette. 
-Use the cigarette with the beehive.

Joint Trip:
-Push the gigantic match. 
-Grab the butterflies to fly over the gap. 
-Push the match again. 
-You have to lit the match with the fire on top. 
-It's a question of timing.
- Push the match as long as you get lit it. 
-Move near the water lilies to swim to the other isle. 
-Push the gigantic joint. Use the water lilies again. 
-Push the lit joint. 
-Swim to the third isle. 
-Blow the joint by using the talk icon to kill the bee. 
-Climb the tree.

Near the beehive:
-Use the blog brush with the bee hive. 
-use the sugar sprenkler with the bee hive.

-Use the reed on the lake.

Under the lake:
-Take the algae. 
-Use the golf club on the Nessie to get past it. 
-Open the lid of the rocket. 
-Take the plutonium stick. 
-Use the wire on the rocket. 
-Get back past the Nessie and leave the lake.

-use the battery with the wires on the lake. 
-use the plutonium with the molehill. 
-Leave the screen and reenter the fairway. 
-use the yellow foil with the molehill. 
-use the tees on the foil to fix it. 
-Use the telescope with the largest mountain in the background.

-Use the honey on the soft ground. 
-use the knife on the branch.

-Take the branch. 
-Use the elastic rubber piece with the branch. 
-Use the jewels with the sling.

Driving Range:
-Look at the window. 
-Use the empty ball basket with the window. 
-Climb on the basket. 
-Use the sling on the silver plate.

-Talk to Lula. 

Possible topics:

-Give the flowers to Lula. 
-She will follow you. 
-Bring her to the bushes and talk with her.

-Talk to Mucki. 
-He wants something to drink. 
-Give him the beer. 
-Talk top him again. 

Possible topics:

-Give the branch to Mucki. 
-He will follow you. 
-Bring him next to the beehive and talk to him.

Parking lot:
-Take more jewels from your trunk.

Driving range:
-Put the metal ball in Woodies bag when he doesn't look at it. 
-Give the jewels to woody.

Tee 1:
-Make a perfect swing.

-Make a perfect swing and win the tournament. 
-Get the super club on the green. 
-Take the foil off the molehill.

Mountain Side:
-Use the algae on the plumbing device. 
-Use the prepared plumbing device with the blog brush. 
-use the equipment with the mountain.

-Use the algae with the yellow foil. 
-use the balloon with the crater. 
-Hit all birdies with the iron seven. 
-Fly to the other end.

Bird's net:
-Hit the bird with the iron seven. 
-Hit the ball with the super club.
-Enjoy the ending!
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