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Ds Room Escape 4 Tips & Tricks

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Ds Room Escape 4

Get the axe from the left side of the house. Use it to break the cover on 
the window latch up front. You should have 4 coins; open the window and go

Get: the spoon and the red box, the stick (vertical bit on the half-moon 
window) and the flashlight (behind the cabinet), the piece of Japanese 
paper (shake the pillow) and the lockbox (use the stick on the overhead 
shelf), and the screwdriver.

Use the screwdriver to open the red box. Use the spoon to get the lens 
Apply the lens to the flashlight, turn it on, apply the paper to the 
square window, and use the flashlight on it to see four critters.

The paper in the top drawer gives a clue for turning the critters into the 
code to the lockbox. Itís supposedly something about ďroundĒ letters, but 
Ďní doesnít count as round, so I donít get it.

The four critters are elephant, pig, alligator, lion, so the code is 4241. 
Use it to get the key.

Use the key on the safe behind the hanging. Push the button so itís green 
and get the ruler. You should now have 17 coins.

If the button in the safe is green, you can use the axe on the wall to the 
left to reveal a secret door. Thereís a huge baseball on the other side, 
and a back door which is totally uncharacteristically _un_locked!

End 1:
Use the axe on the window/door where you came in.

End 2:
Use the axe on the half-moon window.

End 3, Good End:
Use the ruler to open the window/door where you came in.

End 4, Tea Break End:
Go out the back door.

1. To the right of the house.
2. In the mailbox.
3. Behind the doorstep.
4. Cut down a stalk of bamboo at the left of the house.
5. Behind the vase.
6. Under the teapot.
7. Behind the cups in the cabinet.
8. Behind the bottom drawer (take it out entirely).
9. Behind the cabinet.
10. Under the pillow.
11. Under the stack of pillows.
12. On the underside of the lockbox.
13. Under the incense burner.
14. Under the lid of the tea box.
15. Inside the lid of the tea box.
16. Inside the door of the safe.
17. Under the bottom shelf of the safe.
    (Accessible either before you push the button or 
    if you go away and come back.)
18-20. Inside the huge baseball (use the axe).
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