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Dick Tracy The Crime Solving Adventure Tips & Tricks

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Dick Tracy - The Crime Solving Adventure

There are no specific solutions for each crime committed, but we can give 
you general hints for each of the five crimes.

If Dick Tracy requires assistance in his pursuit of criminals, help can be 
found at the following locations:

   Headquarters (Crime Lab)                        138 7th St.
   Club Ritz (Breathless Mahoney)                  119 5th St.
   The Kid (Could be at any of these locations)     22 5th St.
                                                   181 C Ave
                                                   220 H Ave

   Tess Trueheart's Apartment                       88 1st St.
   The Diner                                       204 9th St.

   Police Garages                                   42 1st St.
                                                   200 2nd St.
                                                    16 7th St.
                                                   114 10th St.

Don't stay in the office and wait for a call to come in. Be driving around 
town so that when a crime is committed, if you're lucky -- and quick enough 
-- you can catch the criminals in the act.

Once you're at the crime scene question the victims and witnesses by walking
into them.  Sometimes they may have more clues for you, so talk to them a 
few times.  Look for clues at the crime scene.  Explore the whole area; you
never know what you'll find. Go immediately back to headquarters and have 
the crime lab examine the evidence you've found (remember the more you know,
the easier it is to pick out a suspect).  

Go visit Breathless Mahoney at the Club Ritz for some more clues to the 
criminal. She will usually tell you in what section of town the perpetrator 

Check the Rogue's Gallery and see who you can eliminate from your suspect 
list. For example, if the evidence states that the criminal has red hair, 
you can eliminate everyone that doesn't have red hair.  If the evidence 
gives the criminal's height, remember that  victims and witnesses aren't 
very accurate with measurements. Your suspects should be within three to 
four inches of the height given.

Once you nail down a good suspect (based on the evidence you have, not a 
hunch), go question the Kid about him. If you're wrong the Kid will give 
you an Alibi for the criminal you inquired about. If you're on the right 
track, the Kid will give you an item belonging to the criminal. Take this 
item to the Crime Lab for analysis.

If you still need more evidence, go out and interrogate some criminals.  
The best ones to interrogate are the weaker types (those that have less 
than three thugs with them). To do this, ride around town until you see 
a criminal's car come by.  Stop him by blocking his path (he'll crash into 
you) or by turning on your siren. (Note: Guilty criminals or psychotic 
crime bosses (5 thug types) will run and start shooting at you. Your 
best bet is to use your machine gun to stop him, or just let him go).  
Grill him twice and he'll give you a clue to where another criminal's 
hideout is located.  Grill him a third and fourth time and he (and his 
henchmen) will start shooting.  Shoot him until he surrenders, then you 
can ask him about any criminal you want.  For this reason, pick the 
criminals with the least number of thugs with them so they won't all 
gang up on you.  

The weaker criminals are: Rodent, Stooge and Numbers.

Each time you question one criminal on the whereabouts of another, the 
clues will come in this order: Area of town first, followed by the actual 
street, then finally the address. Once you have the address of a hideout, 
you can break in and gather more clues.  

Whenever you get more clues, bring them to the Crime Lab and re-check the 
Rogue's Gallery to see if you have enough evidence.  If you do, go find him 
and arrest him.  If you were right, you'll be promoted.  If you're wrong or 
you don't have enough evidence, you'll be demoted and you'll have to 
continue your search.

Now for some hints on each crime:
CRIME 1:        This is the easiest crime because you can find the most clues
                and evidence at the crime scene. It also gives you a chance 
                to explore the game.   
CRIME 2:        A little harder. Not as many clues at the crime scene, so 
                you'll have to do a little more digging to find the evidence 
                you need.

CRIME 3:        You'll only get a clue or two, so you'll have to check out 
                the suspect's hide-out to gather the evidence you'll need.

CRIME 4:        The only help you'll get is from Breathless, so you'll really
                have to interrogate a lot of criminals and dig around for the
                evidence.  Check out your suspects' hideouts more than once; 
                you may have missed something the first time.

CRIME 5:        Big Boy has kidnapped Tess Trueheart!  Head to the Club Ritz 
                and fight your way through to the back room, where you 
                usually find Breathless Mahoney.  Enter the other door (the 
                one on the left) to the conference room.  Big Boy will be at 
                the far right of the room, go to him and question him. He'll 
                argue and try to escape. Follow Big Boy down the trap door 
                and maneuver around the obstacles to shoot him until he 
                until he surrenders. 

                To save Tess, walk to the left bottom corner of the screen. 
                Shoot the iron gate open and walk Dick Tracy onto the gears. 
                That is all!.
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