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Darkness Episode 3 Tips & Tricks

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Darkness Episode 3

-wait a bit until your wagon is in a tunnel
-from first screen, go left and pick up round metal 
 thing by the pole
-go forward, click on bag and get candle
-turn around to other seat
-get paper and gum from underneath the seat
-go back to first screen, now you should be able to pick 
 up matches from underneath the seats there
-click up to zoom in on subway map
-click on subway map and you get a mirror
-click on vent to open it
-put mirror in vent
-light candle with matches and hold lit candle into vent
-this should give you another round metal thing
-lug both round metal things into the box inside the bag
-turn around again and look at paper
-use lit candle right below the writings and read off code
-use code on box, to open it click edge of box
-combine mirror and gum and stick that onto box
-watch cut scene until it’s dark
-after that, pick up quickly, the tied bag, the cola, and 
 the beng comb
-use comb on tied bag, you get mentos
-combine mentos and cola
-then wave cola bottle to fend off darkness
-another cut scene
-the following has to be done very quickly: go all the way to the
 right and pick up key; then run all the way to the left as fast 
 as possible and do the space bar routine when needed
-go back to box and use key on box
-turn it a couple of times
-two endings after that: either you make it really fast to get out
 of the subway to get ending #1, or you can't make it fast enough,
 sit down and think it over to get ending #2
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