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Darkness Episode 2 Tips & Tricks

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Darkness Episode 2

First when you're in the dark, click on the red thing. Then get the scissors
on the tray in the lower left corner. Go into Ward B, and click on the plant
and you get a wooden coin. In the cabinet nearby, in the bed next to the 
plant, read the diary and it will say that the key is in the third red pill
bottle from the right.

Make your way into the pharmacy and get the key in the bottle. There's a 
notice board at the left. You need light to see it. Light the torch with 
the matches in your inventory. Read it. It says that the yarnball is in 
Ward A in the third bed. Go to Ward A and get the yarnball.

In the corridor, go to the front of the screen and click on the bottom. You're
in another corridor, now. If you want you can get the fire extinguisher. Use 
the key on the grandfather clock. You hear a scream in the operation theater.
Go there and you see nothing, so you leave the theatre. Next, you shut the 
door, there's a pause, then the lights flicker and go off. This is were it 
gets really scary for me. The lights are off, but suddenly the nurse's room
door opens, and 


Later, go in the operation theatre and go in the nurse's room. Click on the
coat rack, and a hook will fall out. Collect the hook, and the lights will 
go off again. Hide behind the coats and wait........ Get your flashlight 
and ...whatever... on the dark spot in the lower right corner of the wall.
The dead weight junk will break. Go over to the spot and click on it. You 
will find an egg-shaped stone. Look again, and you will find a key. 

Go to the corridor with the door to the pharmacy. Click on the exit and 
you'll unlock the door. At the pop machine, use the coin on it and you 
will get a cola. Enter the door next to the elevator, which won't work 
yet. Go downstairs. You'll be blocked by blocked by boxes. Combine the hook,
yarnball, and lighttube. Fish up the keys to the storage room in the pharmacy.

Go to the storage room and you will find a vase. 

The cork is in there. Use the cola on the vase and then the cork will float
up. Get the cork and rush to the elevator. Use the cork as an elevator 
button. The ghost will come after you. Go inside the elevator, and close 
the doors fast! 
Press G, the elevator will move, and you have finished the game.
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