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Cygnus Gate Tips & Tricks

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Cygnus Gate

-Click bottom right side of the 2nd block from the right. 
-Find a blue ball with a “G”
-Turn right. 
-Click to zoom in on the golden chest. 
-Click its bottom right corner. 
-Find blue ball with “S”
-Turn right. The ‘holes’ in the GATE can hold blue balls. 
-Highlight a blue ball in your inventory, and then click holes 
 until you find the right one.
 (G bottom left, S Top Right)
-Turn right. Click on the sign with Japanese characters. 
-Take the yellow ball in the bottom left corner.
-Click the gray door to the left of the sign. 
-You are in another room now.
-Turn left. There are two sticks in blocks of ice on the outer 
 left and right. On the inside are two empty pedestals.
-Click the top of the inner-left pedestal until you are zoomed
 into the ‘claw-like’ holder.
-Highlight the yellow ball in your inventory. 
-Then click the top of the pedestal. 
-It should place the yellow ball into the holder.
-Zoom out and take the unfrozen thunder stick.
-Turn right. Highlight the thunder stick. 
-Click the gray circle in the floor. It will shatter.
-Click the bottom left broken fragment to retrieve the blue ball “N”.
-Zoom out and Click the blue hole in the floor.
-Click the middle-left ice fragment to find the blue ball “U”
-Press the ‘down arrow’ to fall down the hole
-On the big gold structure, in the middle is a set of double doors. 
-Click the middle of the structure until it zooms into the golden doors.
-Click on the floor to the right side of the doors… x stands for the 
 spot ? _____[ I ]__x__
-When you click the right spot it will zoom into the blue ball “Y”.
-Go inside the doors. You are on a bed of roses!
-On the left side of the flowers you can click and zoom in on a golden 
 scorpion. The scorpion goes in the picture frame, with the two black 
 silhouettes. One is still missing. Don’t worry.
-Click on the tube-like middle section of the silver structure to the 
 right of the frame. A Silver Key is in the center of a pentagram.
-Go left, then through the doors, then down into the gold circle in the 
 ground by the sign that says “Gate”
-You can put the new blue ball into the Gate if you’d like!!
 (N bottom right, Y middle left, U middle right)
-Go left to the gold/silver chests. Use the silver key on the silver 
-Retrieve from the chest the 2nd golden idol to accompany the golden 
 scorpion in the frame!
-Go right, then down the golden hole in the floor, then through the golden 
 doors on the structure, then right to the second rose room.
-Place the second idol in the frame.
-The tube with the pentagram beside the frame is now glowing gold!
-A golden key is where the silver key was before. Take it.
-Left- through doors – in golden ‘gate’ hole – Left.
-Use golden key with gold chest.
-Blue ball “C” in chest.
-Go right to place last blue ball on the gate.
-Go right twice. A red ball is in the center of the large snowflake. 
-Take it! It will be used to retrieve the ‘fire’ stick from the frozen ice.
-Through golden circle in floor, then at gold structure, press the UP arrow 
 on the screen to go through the broken ice to the frozen fire stick.
-Red ball fits inner-right pedestal.
-Return to the hole and in by the golden structure and the gate hole. 
-Press the RIGHT arrow to see a large ice block with something frozen 
 within it. Use the fire stick to melt it!
-You now have a silver eagle statue.
-If you take it to the gate with letters and place it in the center you will 
 have a normal ending. If you want the BEST ENDING, take the statue into the 
 golden structure and place it on the pentagram where you found the silver/ 
 gold keys.
-It will turn GOLD!! Put it in the middle of the Letter gate and you’re out~! 
 With best ending!
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