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Crane and Spider Tips & Tricks

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Crane and Spider

1. Go right twice, get the ladder. go left and put it against 
   the palm tree.
2. Click the tree and it will “grow” an arm and throw the ladder 
   to the left screen. go left pick up the ladder and put it 
   against the rock and take the red cloth
3. Go right and click the bull with the cloth selected. The bull 
   will hit the tree and knock down the bananas.
4. Take the bananas and go left and give them to the monkey. he 
   will climb the tree and get the seed.. or is it a balloon? 
   get the balloon/seed and go right
5. Give it to the bird. the bird will fly up and knock down the 
   snake. get the snake.
6. Go right and click the mound with the hole with the snake 
   selected. the snake will scare the crab out of it and then 
   come back out with a hook. get the hook.
7. Go right twice and get the shovel. go left and give the shove 
   to the cat(?) he will give you the fishing pole. click about 
   item on the pole and select the hook to put them together. 
   click the spider and he will throw a web onto the crane.
8. Click the cat and he will dig a hole that fills with water. 
   select the fishing pole and click the water and you will catch 
   a fish.
9. Go left and give the fish to the bear. click him again and he 
   will knock down the trunk. click the crab and he will cross 
   the trunk.
10. Go right and click the crab and he will release the crane. 
    click the crane and it will fly away leaving you the key. 
    click the key.
11. Go right and watch the crane fly around and go into the house.
12. First ending: select the key and use it on the door. the crane 
    will fly out and that is the crane end.
13. Second ending: instead of the key, use the fishing pole on the 
    door and a little girl comes out. Happy end
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