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Colour Adventure Tips & Tricks

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Colour Adventure


click ventilation on the left wall of room, obtain key, return to
room, and go through the door.
Go left, click the pond, then click the fish, then click "OK" to 
answer the three questions:

1. (C) Cute
2. (B) Talgoran did not spend much time drawing you
3. (A) Water

Obtain magic stone, leave the pond, and go to the left side of the 
big tree
Click on the rope, then the lock, then the hole, and there, 
you finish level 1.

click the door on your right, and go to the 3rd floor.
Click to open the water storage closet door on your left, go back, 
and go to the 2nd floor.
The fire should be put out.
Obtain C4 and return to the 1st floor.
Click on the door below, and click the button to turn everything upside down.
Go back and click on the door below (hence the door which was originally 
on the ceiling),
throw C4 into that erm...thing's mouth.
It will explode, and you will find the entrance on the floor.
Go through it, pick up the drill, click on the floor to use it to go 
to the third floor.
Go through the crack on the wall on your right, and click the button on 
the wall to drain water.
Then click on the teleport pad and click "SEND" to teleport yourself 
to level 3.

Click the left arrow to go to the bridge.
Click the bridge, the bridgekeeper will show up, just "THROW THE 
Moving on, you will see a katana
Pull it out, and a boulder will come rolling down the slope,
Click on the boulder to destroy it.
Moving up the mountain, a dude will show up, ignore him, and he will go off.
Then jump down the volcano, and you will meet the fire demon.
Cut him with your katana, it will possess it,
Quickly discard it into the lava,
and pick up the staff.
The volcano will then start erupting, "FLY AWAY".
And when asked where you want to fly to, click "TO THE MOON" to complete 

Now you are on the moon.
Vanquish the meteor, and you will meet an alien, burn it to acquire 
Alien Heart
Go left and get sucked down by the ..crater thing, you have to solve 
the three questions:

1. the one on the bottom left
2. require speed and er..some basic kindergarten math, you are on your 
   own for this one =D
3. click "eject" (bottom right)

Once you get ejected out of the crater, click on the arch
There, you have completed level 4

Click on the inscription above the door, you will be given three options, 
choose any to kill yourself
Once you will find yourself dead, go "HAUNT THE EARTH", and enter the door, 
click on the spellbook, and you are back to life!
Go up the stairs to the top of the tower, and you will meet "the boss"
Dodge his attack by clicking the arrow up
and when asked to charge your staff
click the tip of your staff as quickly as you can to blast "the boss"
...The End.
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