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Cliffhanger Tips & Tricks

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unlock locker with key -> tape.
push lift door to open it. drop chair in lift. climb up chair.
dont touch the wires - they're LIVE.
if u've played the vcr, u'll know there a blackout coming.
wait until blackout. light flashlight.
 go back to the hatch.
tape wires. push button.

drop pill in aquarium. get sleepy fish. throw fish at dog.
tie rope to desk. climb down rope.

push button -> key. unlock wooden door with key.
spread glue on step. put step in riser.

inflate balloon near the tank.
goto the ledge in the west most room. e. in. get $1 (u need the gun).
put $1 in machine slot -> string. tie string to balloon.
step off ledge with balloon.

introduce yarn to machine. push button -> bathrobe.
push button in other room -> stop fire. unlock door with key.

push button -> fill pool. play vcr. dive in pool.
step off ledge with umbrella.

drink liquid. open door. slide down slide.

pour glass on tree. climb tree. play flute near rope. climb rope.

open costume. open vest -> key. throw rope at hook. watch vcr.
walk rope. unlock door with key.                          

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