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Choppa Poppa Tips & Tricks

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Choppa Poppa

1 - Collect the balloons and land.
2 - Collect the balloons and land.
3 - Get the ammo and shoot a hole in the wall. Shoot two blocks next to 
    each other to give you enough room to get in and out. Save the third 
    shot for later.
4 - Collect the balloons and avoid the spikes.
5 - You can finish this only blowing up three of the blocks if you 
    use the space on the right and left sides to get to the top.
6 - Shoot the bomb to blow it up so itís not a factor.
7 - Avoid the spikes. If you shoot the blocks, you can get rid of the spikes,
    but I donít recommend this. Save your ammo.
8 - Shoot one of the left blocks to release the two spikes. Then, get the 
9 - Shoot the bomb, and two of the blocks on the left.
10 - Hurry! Get all the balloons before time runs out!
11 - Shoot the blocks on the right to get rid of the spikes, 
     or simply avoid them.
12 - Shoot the blocks on the right to get rid of the spikes, 
     or simply avoid them.
13 - Shoot the blocks on the right to get rid of the spikes, 
     and shoot the bomb.
14 - Shoot the blocks on the right to get rid of the spikes. Theyíre tough to 
     avoid and thereís no ammo on this level. You will need four shots to clear
     all the spikes.
15 - Shoot six blocks to make an opening two high. You ontly get one ammo balloon,
     so you will need an additional three shots here. If you go really slow, you 
     can get by only blowing up three of them, but itís harder to get out than to
     get in.
16 - Blow up the six bricks on the left to let the spikes out. There is extra ammo 
17 - Itís hard to see with the clouds, but when you get near the clouds, they clear 
     for a moment. Destroy the two blocks in the upper left, go in and get the balloons.
     Donít hit the walls or the spikes!
18 - There are two groups of spikes here, in the clouds. Either avoid them, or destroy 
     the block on the right to clear the spikes on the right and pass through there.
19 - The same as 18, except there are two levels of spikes. Use the same strategy, 
     and avoid the bomb.
20 - Collect all the balloons and destroy the bombs. The fast bombs take three shots 
     to kill, so youíll have to be fast! Good luck on this last level, itís a lot 
     harder than the other ones.
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