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Chemistry Lab Escape Tips & Tricks

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Chemistry Lab Escape

-Before you touch ANYTHING in a chemistry laboratory, make sure you
 have wear protective clothes/goggles/gloves, so first of all you 
 have to go to the back bench and take the gloves in the drawer. 
 from now on, if you are going to get anything, please wear your 
 glove to do so.
-At the front bench right drawer, take the basic chemistry book.
-Read the book and you will see that if you mix CuSO4 + Co(NO3)2 + HCl
 you will get a key.
-Go to the middle bench, at test tube rack take the clear testtube and
 red testtube. 
-Go to the right side of the middle bench, in the drawer take the beaker
 with blue CuSO4 crystals.
-Pour the crystals into the testtube at the blue testtube rack. 
-Take the testtube.
-Annoying with the dipping water? 
-But it is useful - dissolve your blue crystals with tap water.
-Ok now you got the blue , red and colourless tube. in the book you'll 
 find a triangle in the red circle. In Chemistry triangle means heating.
-So heat your red tube over the bunsen burner until you see a 'smoke' 
 coming out of the tube.
-Go back to the front bench, fill the 3 holes with the liquids in tube 
 according to the book. you'll get the gold key.
-Unlock the left cupboard in the front bench with the gold key. 
-Take the grey key.
-Unlock the left cupboard in the back bench with the grey key. 
-Take the blue sheet.
-Go to the middle bench, in the left drawer take the empty beaker.
-Go to the bin by the door, take the glass rod under the shredded papers.
-go to the back bench, zoom into the burette at the left. put the beaker 
 under it and turn on the knob (pointing vertically) and let the liquid 
 drain into the beaker.
-Click the blue sheet, put the beaker with liquid next to it, dip the glass
 rod into the beaker and dip it on the blue sheet.
-You'll see 4 red alphabets - Ne O N (since the game is called acid test, 
 i suppose the blue sheet is made of litmus blue and it turns red when 
 touching any acids).
-check the blackboard. there's a periodic table - check the top left corner 
 of the table, you'll find out that:
 Ne = 10
 O = 8
 N = 7
 (that's the atomic number of the elements)
-Key into the digital lock and you are out!
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