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Charger Escape Tips & Tricks

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Charger Escape

-click on the broom and get the key.
-use key on the purple box and get the paper.
-click on the shoes and get the first horseshoe.
-get the red apple on the shelf.
-get the green apple and the carrot on the floor.
-click on the wheelbarrow and get the yellow apple.
-go to the door screen and get the 2nd horseshoe on the floor.
-click on the top chicken and get the 3rd horseshoe.
-give all the apples to the horse.
-go to the shelves screen and click on the door.
-get the pincers at the top right of the screen.
-click on the cats box 3 times to move and get the hammer behind it.
-open the oven closet and put the horseshoe in it.
-close it and press the red button.
-then click in order the numbers:
-then press the red button again.
-get the horseshoe back with the pincers.
-the horseshoe will go on the stone.
-use hammer to hit the horseshoe.
-make this procedure for 3 of the horseshoes.
-go back to the door screen and insert the horseshoes both sides of the door.
-top left horseshoe: turn to right side.
-top right horseshoe: turn it down.
-bottom left horseshoe: turn it up.
-bottom right horseshoe: turn it left side.
-if you can't, look at the symbols on the food machine of the horse.
-get the meteor on the floor.
-put the meteor in the owen and press the red button.
-this time click on the numbers:
-and press red button.
-use pincers to get back the meteor.
-click on the meteor with the hammer and get the magic stone.
-go to horse screen and click on the lock to enter inside.
-click the food&water machine at the right side.
-click on the water machine's button to fill in water.
-put the magical stone in the water.
-the horse will drink the water and the color of it will change.
-give the carrot to the horse.
-it will have a horn on its head.
-go to the window screen and click on the star on the sky.
-get the shovel on the floor.
-click on the shovel and then click on the open sack of grain.
-go back to food machine and add the magical food in it.
-the horse will eat it and the game will finish.
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