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Causality Tips & Tricks

Tags: Causality Game Guides, Causality Hints, Causality Walkthrough



Level 1: 
Immediately click on the guy standing on the edge of the building,
then click on the pole next to the other guy on the roof. Sometime
during that a man will come out of the door and go to the elevator.
After he is in the elevator click on the guys pc a few times and he
will break it and lean against the elevator door. While the guy 
upstairs is talking to the boss, click on him. He will fall, knock
down some papers and then go back down in the elevator. When he 
reaches the bottom the other guy will fall into the elevator. Before
either of them has a chance to get out click the elevator rope. Then
click the light avove the two guys and it will kill them both. Click
on the picture in the bosses room and he will get up to fix it slip 
on the papers and crack his head open. Level complete.

Level 2:
This level HAS to be done quickly. First click on the construction 
workers helmet then click on the two cracks above the guy on the pot
(they are right by the walls and are pretty small). Then click on the
brick on the ramp. Then click on the guy on the pots head and he will
lay a log. Flush the toilet. The plumber guy will freak out and kill 
himself. The guy on the roof should run sometime during this. The roof
will cave in (killing toilet man), the guy wont make his jump and get 
impailed and the brick will fall on the guy that needs to pee. Click 
on the guy with the sandwitch. When the hanglider comes by click on 
it's tip and the guys head a buch. He crashes into sandwitch man. 
Level complete.

Level three:
Click on the search light. The man will go knock down a barrel, turn 
around and walk past a stack of two barrels. As he's walking past 
those two barrels click on the top one to knock it down on top of 
him. When the truck comes up to the gate and lifts the gate, IMMEDIATELY
click the large wire going to the gatehouse.If you timed it right the 
car will blow up. When the guy walks out from between the two buildings,
click what's in his hand. It's a gun, and it fires off. The other guy 
comes and stands by him. Click the yellow box, and watch it all blow up.
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