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Beatle Room Escape Tips & Tricks

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Beatle Room Escape

1.Click the plant on the left and get the chopsticks.
2.Go left and get the newspaper off of the table. Click under the 
  table and get the sushi box.
3.Use the chopsticks on the sushi box and see that 47 ?.
4.Go left and notice the items. See that the 2 right pieces resemble 
  “61”. Click inbetween them and get the sealed can.
5.Click the left stool/table and see the way the arrow head is pointing. 
  You get 61 ?.
6.Left again and click the calendar on the wall. Place the newspaper over 
  it and notice there are 3 squares cut out. Align the numbers 4 and 5 on 
  the paper with the dates on the calendar. You will see at the bottom that 28?.
7.Zoom out of the view and click to the left of the table. Get the chisel.
8.Use the chisel on the sealed can and get 35?
9.Zoom out and click the back of the table to the right side. Get the golf club.
10.Go left and click the right side plant. Use the golf club to get the gum. It 
   is now stuck to the club.
11.Go left (or right) twice and click the top of the “1”. Use the golf club/gum 
   to get the coin.
12.Back to the door and click the grey panel.
13.With the clues you go from the room, you can number the arrows from 1 through 
   8. The pattern will be? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. Click the button and it turns red.
14.Zoom out and click the right side plant. See the beetle!
15.Go back to the door and click the doorknob.
16.You’re out! Perfect End.
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