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Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies Tips & Tricks

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Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies


Level 1:
-Climb ladder and pull out book. 
-Pick up vacuum cleaner. 
-Use vacuum cleaner to suck up the ghosts. 
-Place the screen in front of the fireplace. 
-Climb the first set of stairs and close the door. 
-Go back and suck up the last ghost. 
-Pick up ghost costume. 
-Put on the ghost costume and fly up to the key. 
-Use ghost costume to fly over the first zombie. 
-Collect the mushroom and both boxes of ammunition. 
-Use the key to get the gun. 
-Kill all the zombies and shut all the doors. 
-Use the ghost costume to fly up to the zombie in the balcony and then 
 select the gun to shoot him. 
-Wait for the jukebox to appear and then insert the coin. 
-After you finish dancing, shoot the jukebox while it is laughing or you 
 will have to dance again. 
-Fall into the hole. 

Level 2:
-Turn the valve off. 
-Shoot all the hands and the zombie. 
-Watch for the arm coming out of the wall! (These will show up throughout 
 the rest of the game.) 
-Jump over the black puddle of ooze. 
-Jump across the pit on the ledges. 
-Climb the ladder and eat some pumpkin if you need energy. 
-Stand at the edge of the platform and click on the zombie hands you 
 collected to throw them in the sewage. 
-Jump on the rats back and throw another hand in. (Repeat this until 
 you have drawn out 4 rats.) 
-Shoot the zombie and collect the dead rat. 
-Open the door and stand in it. 
-Close the door while you are still standing in it and jump on the raft 
 before it closes. 
-Wait for the sewer to fill up and take you to the Level 3. 

Level 3:
-Make your way to the top of the house to the platform in the top of the tree. 
-When Frankenstein is under the giant weight, drop it on him. 
-Jump down and pick up his head. 
-Kill the zombies and 1 zombie hand walking in the cornfield. 
-Climb the telephone pole and flip the power switch 3 times. 
-Jump down and quickly make your way over to and up the water tower. 
-Turn on the valve to empty the water into the field. 
-As quickly as you do that, make your way back across the field and back up 
 the telephone pole. 
-While the zombie cows are in the water, turn the switch back on to electrecute 
 them. (You may have to do this a couple of times to kill all of them). 
-Make sure the electricity is turned off, and collect the witch's clothes from 
 the cow pasture. 
-Put the witches clothes on and fly off the right side of the screen. 

Level 4:
-Shoot the zombie hand and go to the right side of the church. 
-Jump up on the block and then across the window sills. Watch for the hand 
 in the middle. 
-Climb to the top of the church and ring the bell. 
-Enter the cemetery and shoot the zombies. 
-Jump across the pits, but be careful of the ghost circling around. 
-Shoot the zombies on the other side. 
-Use one of the green lightning bolts to turn Frankenstein into a frog and 
 pick it up. 
-Climb the tree and get the ammo and the mushroom. 
-Make your way to the cauldron (watch for the hands coming out of the graves 
 and kill one more zombie). 
-Put all of the items you have collected into the cauldron. 
-Go back to the entrance of the cemetery. 
-Open the portal to hell, but be careful not to fall into the crack. 
-Jump onto the red cloud and go to hell. 

Level 5:
-Make your way to the right side of the screen where you see steps leading 
 down to the left. 
-Get on the steps and wait for the red cloud to come by. 
-Jump on the cloud and ride it to the horn on the left side of the screen. 
-Pull the horn and quickly jump to the right so you will land on the devil's 
 disco stage. 
-Dance with the devil. 
-Unscramble the words to win. 
-The scrambled words are: FANCY DRESS
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