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Anaksha Female Assassin Tips & Tricks

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Anaksha - Female Assassin!

Mission 1 - shoot the guy with the box of candy.
Mission 2 - shoot the guy that pauses in front of twisted 
Mission 3 - The alleyway has a lot of cigarette butts. Wait for
            a bald guy to come into that area and start smoking.
            Fire away.
Mission 4 - Shoot the street lamp above the school wall. 
            Then shoot the guy running.
Mission 5 - Wait for the two guys to start smoking together. Then
            look for the third guy that looks the same as them to
            the left. Then shoot the smoking guy to the right. 
            The guy to the left will run. Fire and kill him.
Mission 6 - wait for a guy to light up a cigarette. Fire at his 
            jaw to blow it off.
Mission 7 - shoot the guy with the tape in the eye. Then his brother
            will run to the right. Shoot him. Then shoot the tape.
Mission 8 - The main guy will be coming from the left. Shoot him. 
            Then take out the goons. They will be standing in the 
            middle. If you shoot the main guy far enough away from
            them, they won’t run until you fire on one of them.
Mission 9 - Wait for the guy to stop at the window. Then fire a shot
            in the middle part of his head.
Mission 10 - wait for both men to stand by the theaters. Shoot the 
             one right behind the eyes and then the other. 
             They don’t run, not sure why…
Mission 11 - The guy come from the left and stops to smoke a cigarette.
             Shoot him in the neck.
Mission 12 - Shoot the first ear piece guy coming from the right to 
             left. Then two will be together. Shoot the right guy. 
             Then the left. The boss will be coming from the left 
             to right. Shoot him in the neck.
Mission 13 - There is some metal being held by a rope. When he runs 
             under it, shoot it and then shoot the bomb. Why you 
             wouldn’t just shoot the bomb is beyond me.
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