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Aether Tips & Tricks

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You start here and nothing needs to be done, for now 
(just return when done with other planets)

Red Planet:
There is a large hole on one side of the planet. enter it. 
There are major crystals in the middle of the planet, swing 
to all of them without touching the core. To leave, just 
circle around a crystal and you will automatically return 
to the surface.

Blue Planet:
This one is tricky since it is water (tricky due to control 
of creature). swim into the water and eat all the medium sized 
creatures. you will automatically eat when you touch it.

Yellow Planet:
Near the surface of the planet are four moons. stand on each 
moon so that it collides with the planet.

Green Planet: 
In the outer most strata before space are four moon lookingd objects 
giving off a green glow. attach to each one and circle them a few 
times until the explode.

Return to earth and the game automatically takes over from there. 
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