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A Couple of Milky Way Tips & Tricks

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A Couple of Milky Way

1. Pick up the stick. Lift the flower pot and get the small key.
2. Go right. Get the large mushroom and grass.
3. Go left and place the mushroom in the spot to the right of the house.
   Click the door so the witch comes out. Click the door again so the 
   witch brings out the trash. Take the trash bag.
4. Go right and you will notice that fruit has grown where the grass 
   patch was. Get the mulberry.
5. Go right and place the trash in the trash can. Give the bird the 
   mulberry and click him when hes on the trash.
6. Click the guy with the broom so he cleans up the mess. Get the fishing 
   thread and also pick up the cleaning tool.
7. Go left and take the branch sticking out of the ground. View it and 
   attach the fishing thread so you get fishing rod.
8. Go all the way right and use the fishing rod to get the inflator.
9. Go left and use the inflator on the soccer ball explodes, revealing 
   the helmet for space.
10. Go left to the house and click on the door. Give the witch the stick.
11. Go right and click on the witch so she makes a cage appear. Now give 
    her the broom.
12. She will fly back with the small bird. Click on them and then on the 
    big bird on the mountain.
13. Go left and click the big bird again. It will bring back a cow.
14. Give the cow the grass and he will knock over the house. Use the small 
    key to release the bird.
15. Give the bird the small space helmet and click on it.
16. Go all the way right and click on the bird again. It will collect stars
    and create a bridge.
17. Click on each character and they will be reunited on the bridge!
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