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Ace Quest Tips & Tricks

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Ace Quest

Pick up key in the middle of the room. Use key on door. 
Walk through door.

Open mail box. Try to enter mall. Talk to officer. Use envelope in 
inventory on officer. Go to lab. Present Mikes Membership Card from 
inventory. Go to hardware store. Get big pin off floor. Go to restrooms. 
Go to mens restroom. Take soap from urinal. Use soap in sink. Combine 
suds with nail in inventory. Go to womens restrooms. Use soapy pin on 
small trash can. Use used pad on cup in inventory. Go to lab. Give cup 
filled with blood. Go to Mikes Gym. Present paper to the gym lady 
outside. Take big weight. Go to hardware store. Use weight on hardware 
man. Go to farm. Give farmer gear from inventory. Go to lyposuck. Give 
money to the man. Go to Mikes Gym. Present membership card to go back 
in. Use Q-tip from inventory on buff dude. Go to farm. Give farmer 
ear-wax. Go back to lyposuck. Give lyposuck man more money. 

ACT 2 
Walk to fair. Use ticket on ticket booth. Go to the left. Present ticket 
to roller coaster guy. Go to the right. Use puke on water gun guy. Go to 
the right. Talk to arts and crafts lady until she gives you glitter. Go to 
the right. Take gum from the leftmost table. Talk to clown until he gives 
you magical bean. Use the bean on the clown. Take the lamp from the clown.
Take the nose from the clown. Go back to water gun. Use clowns nose on gun.
Shoot gun twice. Open the target door. Retrieve the dagger. Go to the right.
Recharge lamp with the batter outlet next to the tent. Use lamp on tent to 
enter. Use dagger on table to retrieve the ball. Search the drawers to get 
underwear and a condom. Use magnet from inventory with condom. Use magnet 
with condom wraped around the end on battery to charge the magnet. Combine 
the gum anf the glitter with the ball. Go the rightmost screen with the 
dunking booth. Use the now electrically charged magnet on booth. 
Throw glitter ball at button. Go back to car. Use grease on car. 

ACT 3 
Use underwear on chair. Use ball on chair with underwear.

The End
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