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Woogi World Cheats

Woogi World

Submitted by: RM

How to be a head:
Go to woogi market. Buy some feat and hands. Go to your house and put
yourself i the outfits. Then take off the feat and hands and then go 
sell them. Go back to your house and put on your outfits.
There you are a head!

If you go to the place with the arcade the click the arcade as your
woogi is walking to the arcade press your map and jump to the science
lab. If you keep going right you will soon find yourself in the arcade
in the room that has been blocked by a red rope.

How to have no eyes or mouth:
Submitted by: joe

Go to the salon and buy eyes and and a mouth go to your wigwam make it a
outfit take off the outfit trash the eyes or mouth but on the outfit.

Throw away keeper:
Submitted by: aoodywoogi

First you go to the wishing well that is sparkling, if you need a clothing
item get that item, once you buy that item go back to the wishing well and
use that item you're still wearing the item you get the coupon and you are
still wearing the item.

* Only works on hats, gloves, feet and capes.
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