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Sid Meiers Pirates Cheats

Sid Meiers Pirates

Easy Specialists:
Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat Rohimi

Attacking and boarding a smuggler's vessel usually yields a specialist (for example,
Carpenter, Sailmaker, etc.). 

Double Shot:
Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat Rohimi

When choosing the ammo type, select the chain balls. Then, immiediately after firing, 
click the round balls and you will fire both of these ammo types in the same shot. 

Easy dance sequences:
Submitted by: Haspa

Press [Pause/Break] when your dance partner gives you a hand signal for you to move. 
Then, quickly resume the game and press the correct direction key.

Alternate dialogue:
Set the system date to September 19th to have everyone's dialogue sound like a pirate. 

Easy sea battles:
When battling other ships, get in front of them. Have them chase you, and when your
guns are fully loaded, turn, fire, and straighten again. Repeat this until you wish 
to board or their sail falls and they surrender. It is best done when you use grape 
shot or chain shot.

Easy land battles:
Land battles are difficult to win, even if you have more soldiers than the enemy.
The key strategy to remember is to hide in the trees. The soldiers attacking your
troops in the trees will have less than a 20% chance of inflicting critical damage,
and all damage is divided in half. Also watch your morale. If your troop's morale 
gets low enough, they may run away from battle. Always enter battle with about one
quarter moor troops than the city guards. You can also weaken enemy ports and cities
by alerting Pirate Havens and Indian Villages. The Indians or pirates will assault 
the town, making the town lose guards, whether or not they win the battle. This 
also makes the city lose wealth, however . If the city was once "Prosperous" it may
go down to "Poor" or "Modest". If this happens too much, alert the missionaries in
the Missionary Camps. Tell them to travel to the city you want to become wealthier,
then attack the city. You must attack cities at the correct moment. Waiting too 
long after sending in missionaries may result in more guards accumulating than before.
You should wait only two to five days. 
Get your buccaneers to the front lines whether in the trees or not. It does not matter
if you have a significantly greater force. Then, have your pirates and officers get 
into position for flanking. The best way to do this is to send more than one group 
of pirates against one enemy in case the enemy moves. Before you attack the soldiers
with your pirates, attack them with your buccaneers by holding [Shift] then selecting
the "Next Turn" button on the control panel. This should either kill or significantly
weaken the soldiers. Also, make sure you search for a hill to flank the enemy from. 
If you use this strategy, you can easily defeat an enemy that is only five or more 
soldiers weaker than yourself.

Easy money:
Reach the rank of Count with any or all nations. Then, go into ship battles with any
desired ship. Damage it a lot, but not to the point where it explodes. Keep the ship
and go to a port where you are at the rank of Count or higher. Talk to the shipwright.
You will get free repairs. You can repair a damaged ship for free and sell it for a 
lot more.

Alternate dancing mini-game ending: 
When the Governor's daughter gives you the hand signal, select the button for the 
hand movement just after she gives you the signal. You will do a special dancing 
move which will get her heart up very fast, if you do it many times in a row. If 
her heart is big enough when the mini game is over, instead of kissing her hand, 
you will spin her around and she will then kiss you. Afterwards she will likely 
give you a present or extremely valuable information.

City characteristics:
The following are the different types of cities and their characteristics. 
Note: Poor defenses and weak defenses are different. Poor defenses are worse
than weak defenses. 

Capital Cities : Large and wealthy with strong defenses. 
Port Cities    : Large and wealthy city with weak defenses. 
Towns          : Large and poor with strong defenses. 
Colonies       : Large and poor with weak defenses. 
Trading Posts  : Small and wealthy with strong defenses. 
Strongholds    : Small and poor with strong defenses. 
Villages       : Small and wealthy with poor defenses. 
Outposts       : Small and poor with poor defenses. 

Unlock Ship of The Line (Frigate class):
Relentlessly attack shipping of the English, French, or Dutch, keep watch for a "New Warship" 
Ship of The Line sailing about.

Unlock Royal Sloop (Sloop class):
Often seen as a Pirate Hunter out of Spanish ports, attack shipping around a Spanish port and 
one may come out to attack you.

Unlock Brig of War (Brig class):
Often seen as Military Payroll carriers, or Troop Transports, attack as normal, beware of 
large amounts of enemy crew.

Unlock Mail Runner (Pinnace class):
Offer to escort a war declaration or peace offering from a colony, and then attack the courier 
once out of port.

No easter eggs here, mate:y
Open up the Piratopedia and look up the entry for St. Eustatius. Early in the entry the word 
'Eastern' is used and only the 'Easter' part of it is a hyperlink. Click it to access a hidden 
page that firmly denies the existence of any easter eggs in Sid Meier's Pirates.

Mysterious Sid:
In rare and random occasions, the Mysterious Traveler at the back of the tavern will instead 
be Sid Meier, the executive producer of the game. He will be most distinct, as he lacks the 
trademark beard of the other mysterious travelers. He otherwise acts just like a normal 
Mysterious Traveler.

Easy money:
If you have more than one boat and are sailing and your crew says that they are taking one 
of your boats, just follow them and take it over. You will get it back, plus more money as 
it gives that boat's plundered money.

Happy Crew: 
A good way to keep a happy crew is to keep a good amount of food/luxuries/goods/spices/sugar 
but this is hard to keep on hand. Get your good ship upgraded then get a treasure ship ( you 
will hear about them from bar maids or just find 'em) they carry a lot of cargo so just keep 
two ships permananelty. Sell the others because they are usless. Keep a battle/fun ship and 
your big ship that carries supplies for long voyages.

Alternative dancing mini-game ending:
When the Governor's daughter gives you the hand signal, select the button for the hand 
movement right after she gives you the signal. You will do a special dancing move which will 
get her heart up very fast, if you do it many times in a row. If her heart is large enough 
when the mini-game is over, instead of kissing her hand, you will spin her around and then 
she will kiss you. Afterwards she will usually give you a present or extremely valuable 

Submitted by: anon

To do the flourish during dance sequences, hit the button for the correct direction when 
the girl nods her head at you.

Large Frigate:
Henry Morgan has a Large Frigate. Boarding his ship leads to a fairly easy sword fight, even
on Rogue difficulty. This will provide access to a powerful ship without angering any of the
four nations.

Sword-fighting Style:
At the beginning of the game when you're a young swashbuckler, I've found that simply doing
quick strikes with the cutlass is an easy way to win sword fights. However, later in the 
game as you start to age and slow down with your moves, you'll need to start fighting more
defensively or perhaps stack the odds in your favour (by using grape shot on the opposing
crew *before* going into hand-to-hand combat).

Escorting Ship trick:
Sometimes when meet a Governor at a town or settlement, or at a monastery (almost always 
with settlements) the Governor or Monk may require you to escort ship for various purposes
(sending immigrants, ultimatums, seeds, transporting a new governor, etc.)
This ships will almost always be intercepted by 3 opposing enemies (from other nations, or
by pirates), prompting a "sea battle" on the main political sea map. This process maybe a 
little irritating especially if your not in the mood for another sea battle. There is a way
to get around this: Attack the ship you're escorting! Seriously, but when you enter the 
combat screen, sail away from the ship (flee - most likely the other ship will sail in the
opposite direction as you). After you exit the combat screen, the escort ship will have 
sailed quite a long way from you. If you're close to the target destination, the ship you're
escorting should arrive automatically and complete its mission.
Note: May not very well if target destination is still far away. 

Gaining Rank and Carribean Politics:
One of the most important features in the game is Carribean Politics which you can view on
your personal status sheet. This shows which countries are at war with each other. The best
way to make use of this is to wage war (pirate attacks) against the country that has the 
most enemies. For example if you the Spanish are at war with the French and the Dutch, is
politically easier for you to gain military rank if you fight the Spanish than if you fight
the French and the Dutch. Fighting more ships and plundering more cities also provide you 
with more "acre" bonuses each time you gain rank.
Mind you this tactic depends on the situation of Carribean politics and economics. Using 
the example above, if the French and the Dutch have better and more cities/towns (wealthier),
it might be better to wage war against them instead since wealthier (and more) cities, this 
means they have more ships sailing than a country that has weak and less cities/towns. So 
if you want to wage war against a country, remember not to always plunder a city to the brink
of poverty as this will mean less ships to attack. Try changing the political powers of
certain Carribean regions by capturing cities and giving them to nations that do not have a
city or town in that region. For example in Eastern seas (around Martinique), the Spanish 
do not have a town there. The closest is Trinidad (South) and San Juan (North) but none in
the middle. Providing a city/town for the Spanish in that area may prove beneficial for 
future political wars.

Dealing with Unhappy Mates:
Obtain special items.
Certain special items decrease the unhappiness of your ship mates. Items such as musical 
instruments are invaluable for long sea valuables. Obtain these items from the mysterious
traveler at the pub or from Governor daughters. Recruit Mates with Specialties. There are
many person(s) in the Carribean which will decrease the unhappiness of your ship mates. 
Among others: The cook will provide better meals, the quartermaster will enforce discipline,
etc. To obtain these special mates, ask the local barmaid for further information on ship 
carrying them and try to capture those ships. Also, just because they are unhappy, doesn't
mean you have to retire soon. You can push the crew to the limit even though their status 
is "unhappy". Its when they are "mutinous" that you know you're in trouble. So always 
balance your cash reserves with your crew size. Thus you can even sail for more than 2-3
years without having to "divide the plunder" any time soon.

Trick the enemy during a duel:
You can trick your opponent when in a duel. When you go to attack the enemy in any way, 
quickly press in the opposite direction. For example, if you press up, quickly press 
down or left, etc.

Duke rank with all nations:
Attack a town and defeat all of the enemy soldiers. Place a governor in charge. Visit him and
you will be promoted. Leave the town and immediately attack it again. Install a different 
governor. This will have the effect of making that nation very happy and promoting you a level.
Repeat the process until you become a Duke with every nation. This has the added bonus of 
increasing the amount of land that you own. Note: Make sure you have enough troops to begin 
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