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Pandora Directive Cheats

Pandora Directive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Type "jky" at any time to see what path you are on and how 
many "Good guy" points you've gotten.

Easter egg:
While in the very first mayan chamber(the one with the stone 
map), use the jacknife on the ceiling, and the use it on the 
eye of the man being tortured. He's on the wall to the left 
of the door you entered through. To clarify: Stand as you 
were when you first entered the room, then turn 90 degrees
to your left. See the painting on the wall of a man being 
tortured? That's the man you are looking for. Click on his 
eye with the jacknife after using it on the ceiling.
This will take you to a hidden room, where you can get 
comments from the people who constructed the virtual rooms
in the games.

While in this room, look at the stained glass window. You'll
hear a garbled message that says "Use the cash on the blue 
void", said backwords. Look up at the ceiling and see the 
blue void. Use your cash on it and you'll be taken to another
special place, and I'll let you figure out what to do once 
you get there. (It's pretty obvious)
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