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Oil Tycoon 2 Cheats

Oil Tycoon 2

Easy money:
At the start of the game, make sure that the game speed is not running too 
fast. Go into the stock market and buy 4 million worth of shares in any of
the refineries. Once you have purchased the shares the price should 
immediately rise. Sell the shares as soon as this happens and buy more 
shares in another refinery. Then, do the same thing again. Once you have 
plenty of money, buy all of the shares you can before May or June in the 
first year. Then, every three months you should obtain enough money from 
the dividends to either build up a mass amount before building your company
or extra cash as you are building your firm.

Easy money:
Sometimes the amount of shares available for the refineries can be very high.
If this happens (mainly when you load a saved game) buy as many shares as you
can afford. The share price can then go up by thousands. Sell them immediately
and keep doing the same thing until your bank balance is satisfied.
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