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Midnight Outlaw Illegal Street Drag Nitro Edition Cheats

Midnight Outlaw Illegal Street Drag - Nitro Edition

HeX cheat:
Submitted by: gorilazsukapura

1. Created new profile.
2. Quit to windows.
3. Open wordpad and open file cfg that you created.
4. In there has word y you mus delete it all and save.
5. Play it and look your car has a few modification without upgrade.

If you have problem contact me at email.

Start with $100,000:
If you want to begin the game with some extra money then enter the 
case sensitive password "HenryJarl" as your player name (without 
the quotes) and you'll get $100,000.

Double prize money:
You can double your prize money by racing an opponent and having less
than half of the green that your opponent is betting. Save the game 
before doing so, if you lose, you will also lose your car. If you 
concentrate on the expensive mods first (after buying at least level 1
mod of everything), the other ones will be easy to pay off once you hit
class B/A, getting over $1,000 per race with this trick.
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