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Majesty The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Cheats

Majesty - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Cheat Codes:
While playing, press [Enter] then type the following 

Code                       Result 
victory is mine          - Win Game 
now you die              - Lose Game 
fill this bag            - Add 10,000 Gold 
revelation               - Reveal Map 
build anything           - All Buildings Available 
give me power            - All Spells Available 
cheezy towers            - Spells Have No Range Limit 
restoration              - Restores Hit Points 
frame it                 - Shows Frame Count
grow up                  - Highlighted Hero Gains +5 Levels 
i win                    - Win level
planet fargo             - Royal Advisor sings
highlighted              - More powerful hero
goblin rush              - Spawn goblins
prepare to die           - Dragon and Rock Golem attack
highlighted              - More powerful hero
night of the living dead - Spawn undead
planet fargo             - Royal Advisor sings

Submitted by: Jens Lohse

Upgraded marketplaces are your primary source of 
gold; a distant trading post will help supplement 
your income nicely. 

Once you've got a steady income, your first priority 
should be to keep your guilds full; you need as many 
heroes as you can afford earning experience and spending 

Don't be shy with the money you put on your bounties. 
To really attract heroes, try placing a couple of thousand 
gold pieces on a target and watch them flock to the flag. 

Take houses off the tax route until they've built up about 
50 gold pieces each. Then tap them for a single visit from 
the tax collector. This keeps your collectors from wasting 
precious time scraping together the trickle of gold that 
comes into the houses. 

Submitted by: rickHH

Easy money:
When low on money, make a Temple To Dauros, level 2 (monks), or more 
recommended, a Temple To Lunord, level 2. Then, make only enough 
money for the speed up spells (400 gold for Lunord, 800 for Dauros; 
but it also makes you stronger). Then, find some tax people and cast 
it on them. Unlike before, they will move very fast and get gold 
extremely efficiently. 

Level up wizards:
Make a level 2 Dauros Temple and save 800 gold for each Wizard you 
have. Wizards cost 500 gold. Get the Vigilance spell and cast it on 
a Wizard. Now he will not only cast spells extremely fast (one to 
three spells only to get to level 2 from level 1), he will be able 
to retreat faster then any monster if it gets too close. This will 
not only save you money in the long run of the level, but will make 
your kingdom ten times as strong, as Wizards that have reached at 
least level 6 and heave learned their two spells in the library are 
easily the most powerful heroes. They can kill giant spiders in as 
little as one or two shots in higher levels. However, beware as 
giant spiders can easily kill Wizards early on, as they are fast 
and numerous. 
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