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Magnant Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Start the game. Hit the [Enter] to open Message Box and enter your codes.

Result                                                Code 
Reveal map                                          - on screen  
Reveal map                                          - showpath  
Enable fog of war                                   - fow on  
Disable fog of war                                  - fow off  
Fast debug speed                                    - fastdebug  
Normal debug speed                                  - normaldebug  
Win current level                                   - skipthislevelplease  
Lose current level                                  - Iliketoloose  
Toggle God mode                                     - Setgodmodeplease  
Give mana to spell casting units                    - givemepowerplease  
Enable all cheats                                   - whatareyoudoing   
Fast sugar harvesting                               - icantwait  
+12000 sugar, +5000 wood, +5000 plankton            - givemeresourcesnow 
Toggle fast debug speed and +32000 to each resource - speedallplease
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