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Gambler Queens Cup Cheats

Gambler Queen's Cup

Do a binary file edit on the GAME.HIS file using whatever 
program/utility you have available. This is a 603 byte file, 
but you only need the first few bytes. Alter/edit the values 
in bytes 6, 7, and 8 to all be 3. Making them larger than 3 
can cause Queen to skip pictures and possibly crash. 
That's it! Save the altered file, re-run Queen (START), and 
check out the girls!

But if you want to play this the hard way, I'd also suggest 
you give yourself a LOT of money. Getting all the pictures 
for one girl can cost about 3,000,000! If you do some more 
binary editing, the money values for the 6 saved games start 
at bytes 67, 166, 265, 364, 463, and 562. The money values 
are all 4 byte integers, but I didn't need more than 9,999,999. 
The first 6 bytes (0 through 5) in GAME.HIS control which saved 
games are available - 255 for yes, 0 for no.
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