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Fighters Anthology Cheats

Fighter's Anthology

Bonus Plane 
Before choosing your plane on the list, hold the 
right ALT, SHIFT and CTRL keys. 

Extra Missions 
On the main menu, hold the right ALT, SHIFT and 
CONTROL and press PLAY SINGLE MISSION and you can 
play from over 100 missions including from other 

Extra Objects 
For extra objects in "Create Pro Mission," hold 
down the right ALT, SHIFT and CTRL keys, then click 
on the Create Pro Mission. 
Keep holding the ALT-SHIFT-CTRL and click on the 
OBJECTS menu and then click on ALL. You'll now have
34 pages instead of 33. 

Pro Mission Editor 
Hold down right ALT-SHIFT-CONTROL in the main menu 
and select PRO MISSION EDITOR. Once in the editor, 
hold right ALT-SHIFT-CONTROL again and go to 
FILE/LOAD MISSION. This will allow you to select 
many more missions to edit.
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