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Elevator Action Cheats

Elevator Action

Submitted by: rickHH

If you've got a man in black on the floor below as 
you come down in the elevator, jump towards him when 
you're about halfway down to his floor. You'll jump 
straight up against the floor above and then move 
forward into the bad guy as you come down, either 
killing him or giving you enough time to duck and shoot. 
Shoot all the time, especially when you get at the 
hard levels. When you are waiting for an elevator, 
shoot constantly in the opposite direction. That way, 
you will instantly hit an eventual enemy (instead of 
figuring out how to deal with him AND the guys arriving 
with the elevator).
At the end of each level, if you get two red doors at 
opposite sides of the building, go down to the basement 
and teleport yourself back, instead of jumping back and 
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