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Descent 3 Cheats

Descent 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ken & Rose Belfry

Cheat Codes (Full Version) 
Codes work in non multiplayer modes only. 
Type each code to enable.
Code           Effect
treesquid    - Get Full map 
moreclang    - Skip Level 
tuberacer    - Get damaged 
shananigans  - Strange graphic textures 
byebyemonkey - Rear view 
framelength  - Show frame rate 
burgergod    - Invincibility 
burgerking   - Invincibility
deadofnight  - Kill all bots 
testicus     - Cloak 
ivegotit     - All weapons, energy, shields 
frametime    - Show frame rate
gowingnut    - No shields or energy 
teletubbies  - Sun changes to Teletubbies version

God Mode: 
While playing type in BURGERGOD for god mode 

teletubbies cheats:
when you go on a level who have a sun, you see a beaby face!

Secret boss level: 
To get to a secret boss, while playing type: deadmanwalking

Type in "gowingnut" during the game to take off all energy and 
shields. You will also never regain thrusters.

Cheat Codes (demo version) 
While playing a game, enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Effect  - Enter This Code 
Invincibility                    - yummyfunyon 
Full shield, energy, all weapons - blimpiebest 
Kill all enemies in mine         - freeitup 
Cloak                            - mightyaphrodite 
Invincibility Device             - MYFUNYON 
Cloaking Device                  - APHRODITE 
Outside View                     - LONGCHIMP 
Neat Textures                    - WEIRDTEXTURE 

Multi-player cheat codes (demo version) 
While playing a game, enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function: 
Effect                          - Enter this Code 
Display frame rate              - frametime 
Chase view perspective          - longchimp 
Toggle random pattern textures; 
scrambles automap and main menu - weirdtexture 
Weaker ship                     - gabbagabbahey 
Weaker ship                     - zingermans 
Weaker ship                     - motherlode 
Weaker ship                     - alifalafel 
Weaker ship                     - delshiftb 
Weaker ship                     - fopkjewa 
Weaker ship                     - eatangelos 
Weaker ship                     - gowingnut 
Weaker ship                     - freespace 
Weaker ship                     - ahwlmbpf 
Weaker ship                     - honestbob 
Weaker ship                     - farmerjoe

Rather than putting yourself in harm's way by opening doors 
with your ship or with ammo or energy, use flares to open them.

Always use your converter to keep your shields as close to 
200 as you can; ammo and energy for your weapons is much 
easier to come by than shield power. 

When cloaked, turn off your headlight and don't use your 
afterburner, or you'll give yourself away. 

Use the guided missile to scout out areas ahead of you or 
to attack particularly difficult enemies from a safe distance. 

Submitted by Daguer
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