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Chromadrome 2 Cheats

Chromadrome 2

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu
or the Bonus Feature Manager screen:

Code        Effect
BLUEEYES  - Changes Chromates' eye color	
CHESS     - Checkered Floor	
MYDROME   - Choose Visualizations (under Options) until MyDrome 
            pops up. Allows own images to be used for backdrops(3)
INFLATION - Doubles length of Arcade tracks (2)
SUPERVIS  - Maps visulizations onto landscape
FIRE      - Max Powerups (1)
BOOST     - Move even faster through levels (2)
LIQUID    - Moving landscapes
ALTERNATE - Random landscape textures; can be customized w/ rightclick
AUTUMN    - Unable to fall off track (1)

1.Can't unlock levels or post high scores with these options enabled. 
2.Options affect high scores, along with Freestyle. 
3.Options are viewed only if Border setting is enabled.
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