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Animaniacs Game Pack Cheats

Animaniacs Game Pack

Cheat Codes:
Level select
Start the game, go to the menu, then type one of the following 
codes to advance to the corresponding level as Belchinator. 

Level Code 	
1 - TELE1 	
2 - TELE2 	
3 - TELE3 	
4 - TELE4 	
5 - TELE5 	
6 - TELE6 	
7 - TELE7 	

Smoocher invincibility:
Stand at the edge of the screen, smooch in the opposite direction, 
and walk off the screen while this is being done. If done correctly 
you will reappear on the other side of the screen and catch your own 
smooch. The invincibility will only last a short amount of time.

Funny Animations:
In Tee-Off, move the cursor off-screen and 
charge to full power.

Play Tee-Off:
Press any letter at the main menu. 
A sound will confirm correct code entry.
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