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Angry Birds Space Cheats

Angry Birds Space

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. 

Name Popper (10 points)       - Pop all name bubbles in credits.
Centripetal Force (10 points) - Shoot a bird into a lagrangian point. 
Woodpecker (10 points)        - Smash 5000 wooden blocks.
Stonecutter (10 points)       - Smash 5000 stone blocks.
Icepicker (10 points)         - Smash 5000 iced blocks.
Pig Popper (10 points)        - Pop 1000 pigs.
Bubble popper (10 points)     - Pop 1000 bubbles.
Block Smasher (10 points)     - Smash 50 000 blocks.
Smash Maniac (10 points)      - Smash 500 000 blocks.
Space Bird Fan (10 points)    - Play Angry Birds Space for 5 hours.
Space Bird Addict (10 points) - Play Angry Birds Space for 30 hours. 
Starman (10 points)           - Get 250 stars.
Bird Launcher (10 points)     - Launch 5000 birds.
Pigsicle (10 points)          - Freeze 500 pigs.
Three Hog Night (10 points)   - Freeze 3 pigs with one ice bird.
Big Spook (10 points)         - Make 6 pigs scared with one green bird.
Banging Heads (10 points)     - Pop pig with another pig.
Menu Popper (10 points)       - Pop 100 pigs in the main menu.
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