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Alien Legacy Cheats

Alien Legacy

When you make Colonies Besure you keep them Balanced
in all fields or atleast 2 of them. Once you have 2 
colonies that are well balanced. Build a Space Station. 
now Start a Supply line from the planet to the space 
station. Have the space station specialize in Research 
Labs. Once you have done this Start Exploring towards 
the Sun. You will find many useful things. Keep alot 
of robots on your Main Ship so you can colonize other 
planets the same way you colonized your first. Be ready 
for any thing! another tip: Once the attacks on your 
colonies start and you've built the force field. 
Start building ships and missles! Prepare to go to 
cronus! But look for the peaceful way out & don't 
try to Explore the Beta Asteriods. Until You feel 
your secure enough!
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