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Age of Empires 2 Gold Edition Cheats

Age of Empires 2 - Gold Edition


Press enter then type the following.

Effect                     Code
+1000 Food               - CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S
+1000 Gold               - ROBIN HOOD
+1000 Stone              - ROCK ON
+1000 Wood               - LUMBERJACK
Control nature           - NATURAL WONDERS
Defeatyourself           - RESIGN
Destroy all the enemies  - BLACK DEATH
Destroy yourself         - WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY
Get a Furious Monkey Boy - FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY
Gives a 'cobra' car      - HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON
Gives a saboteur         - TO SMITHEREENS
Gives a VDML             - I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD
Immediate Building       - AEGIS
Kills opponent x         - TORPEDOx
Remove Shadow            - POLO
Reveal Map               - MARCO
Turns birds into dogs    - WOOF WOOF
Victory                  - I R WINNER


Command Line Cheat/Functions +Tip

Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to 
activate the corresponding cheat/function.

Plus a tip on inputting cheats in faster.

Effect                                         Code
Copy with CTRL+C , Paste with CTRL+V Enter continual cheats faster:

Fix Sound-Blaster AWE freezes                - Msync
Fix's display problems with some video cards - Mfill
No pre-game FMV sequences                    - NoStartup
Removes all music from gameplay.             - NoMusic
Removes the given mouse icon and replaces it
with the Mouse Arrow (standard pointer)      - NormalMouse
Removes the sounds of the Terrain/Nature     - NoTerrainSound
Resolution 1024x768                          - 1024
Resolution 1280x1024                         - 1280
Resolution 800x600                           - 800
Saves your game automatically for you every 
few minutes.                                 - Autompsave
Turns off ALL sounds.                        - NoSounds
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