The Blonde and the horses 

There once was a really dumb blonde who had two horses. Now this blonde couldn't tell her two horses apart so she decided to ask her neighbor to help he out.
She said to her neighbor, "I have two horses that I can't tell apart, 
can you help me?" 
"Sure," said her neighbor, "maybe you should nick one of their ears, 

then you could tell them apart."
So, the blonde went home and did that. The next day the blonde went to check up on her horses but saw that she could not tell them apart for the other horse had nicked it's ear also. So, she went back over to her 
"My other horse has a nicked ear now to." she said, " Do you have any 
other ideas how to tell them apart? They are both girls."
"Hmmmm." thought her neighbor," Cut one's tail shorter than the other!"
So, the blonde went home and did that. The next day, though, both 
horses had the same length of tail! So, the blond, tired of walking to 
her neighbor’s house decided to call instead.
" I see," said the neighbor after the blonde told her about how both of 
the tails were the same, "Try measuring them, maybe one is taller than the other."
So the blonde did that then rushed back into her house, phoned her 
neighbor and said to her " You were right!! The black horse is bigger 
than the white one!"


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